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Innovation in decontamination

completely harmless

UV-C ozone-free bactericidal recirculated air recirculates are the latest generation of disinfectants. They are used effectively, both in medical institutions for filtering the air from harmful bacteria, infections and dust, and in the home. The new generation of recirculates is much more efficient than conventional quartz emitters, as they are absolutely non-toxic and safe to use. They can be used in the presence of humans, animals and plants. In the off-season spread of dangerous infections, such a device is indispensable for prevention, to reduce the risk of outbreaks, to combat allergies and for complete disinfection of the premises.

Investment with a long service life!

Investing in an air decontaminator is a long-term investment, not just in an epidemic or pandemic. It is a shield against all types of airborne diseases, bacterial infections, allergies to dust, mold and pollen and more. In addition to destroying pathogenic microflora, bactericidal recirculators purify the air of dust particles and ensure safe and clean indoor air, regardless of the number of people in them.

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PROTECTION for everyone!

Guarantees 99% destruction of viruses, bacteria and fungi in the air

Safe for humans, animals and plants ozone-free disinfection system indoors

It completely decontaminates the premises regardless of the number of people in it


Medical Impex Ltd. is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of high-tech bactericidal recirculators, manufactured by a licensed company for medical equipment. The devices are certified for medical and household purposes after tests and are accompanied by a list of all pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, yeasts, etc. that they destroy.

The company offers complete logistics for ordering, transporting and providing devices to its customers.

Bactericidal recirculators offered by Medical Impex Ltd. cover all requirements for decontamination of all categories of premises, namely - operating rooms and wards, sterile and non-sterile areas, children's rooms, incl. classrooms, industrial and public buildings, catering establishments, hotels, sports and dance halls, spa areas, etc. premises with a large flow of people and a long stay of people in them. The devices can be used effectively both in the workplace and at home, ensuring air free of infections, dust and odors.

Wide range of modifications

Silent and elegant system fits into any interior

Low energy consumption

24 months product warranty and service

Every customer that integrates decontamination systems also receive a Safe & Clean Area sticker!

Ensure your security and place this SAFE & CLEAN AREA symbol on your home, office, shop, school, hotel ...!

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